The Cactus and Succulent Society
Programme of events - 2017.

Branch of the British Cactus & Society zone 17.

Venue:- National Botanic Gardens, Botanic Road, Glasnevin. Dublin. 9
Meetings for 2016 - usually the 2nd Thursday of each month @



Thursday February 9th

An Introduction to Agaves


Stephen Ryan will introduce us to this genus which comprises about eighty species,
many of which will tolerate below freezing temperatures and a few of which can be successfully grown outdoors in Ireland.

Get into the habit of bringing along appropriate plants each month - after all horticultural societies are about plants!!


Thursday March 9th

Psychoactive Cacti

Lynn Kimberley tackles a new subject! Interest in Ethnobotany has grown over the last few years
and a great store of native knowledge is only beginning to be revealed. However, L.williamsii is the
only chemically analysed Cactaceae species other than a number of South American Trichocereus,
whose major psychoactive alkaloid is mescaline.


Thursday April 13th

Plant swop and sale - cacti and other succulents..

.. ...

This month, we will have a selection of Michael Harrington's cactus and succulent sale plants.
Bring along any spare plants and swop them with other members.
A great way to start your growing season! You can make more space or acquire more plants - or both!

Thursday May 11th

Evolution and natural selection - cacti and animals of the Galapagos.


Frank Keoghan has a look at how animals and cacti
engaged in an evolutionary race on the Galapagos Islands.


Thursday June 8th

Hardy Cacti and Succulents


It's possible to grow some cacti and succulents outdoors in Ireland - we just don't do it!
Michael Harrington will suggest some that you might try.


Thursday 13th July


Something completely new! Lyn Kimberley shares her tips on how to grow
and care for epiphyllums and shows some pictures of her collection.


Thursday August 10th

Different soils for different species??


Michael Harrington answers the question and demonstrates different soil
mixes while explaining how he looks after his extensive collection.


Thursday September 14th

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Trees and Opuntias; Ciaran Caulfield and Frank Keoghan share their memories.


October 12th - The A.G.M.

NOTE~: The normal business of the AGM will also be conducted.

And Euphorbia display


Bring along your favourite plants to add to Michael's display!
Euphorbia is divided into around 300 genera comprising over 5,000 species.
Of these, 5 of the genera are of interest to growers of succulent plants …. but there's still an amazing variety.

Thursday November 9th

The art of cacti and succulents.


A slide show and talk by Ciaran Caulfield.
You can help out by bringing any paintings, prints, carvings etc. that fit the bill.


Thursday December 14th

Your input into the Programme for 2018.

Meet in the Addison Lodge - just across the road from the Botanic Gardens
- at 7:30 for a discussion about next year's programme

The Dublin and District Cactus and Succulent Society is a branch of
the British Cactus and Succulent Society and
together with Northern Ireland Branch, forms Zone 17 of the Society.

This programme is as complete as possible at the moment. However, as in other years,
events will be organised as opportunities and the support for them arise.
All suggestions are welcomed by the Secretary.

Non-members are very welcome to visit our meetings.

If you haven't already done so, please let us have your e-mail address
just drop an e-mail to

Bring any plants in flower to the meetings: this helps with identification. Size is not important.

All visiting C&S enthusiast visiting Dublin are most welcome.
Offers of lectures/talk welcome.
Please grow all the plants that you can.
There will be a number of occasions throughout the year
when your surplus can then be sold.

If you would like more information, please contact the Hon.Sec at :
'Phone 01-8423076. Mobile: 087-2308330

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