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  • Cacti soil and how to choose the best option for your plants

    by Jurate Šimkutė | soil | 22 Feb 2022

    Arid deserts, scorching sun, sandy rocky terrain that seems to be extremely unforgiving to any sort of life, however, the majority of cacti thrive on these sort of conditions and provide us with beautiful spination and flowers. Every single person will have a different soil mixture however few things will never change: soil must be porous and well draining to ensure that the best results in steady growth, regular flowering and avoidance of diseases are achieved.

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  • Echinocereus grusonii - cactus of commercial success

    by Jurate Šimkutė | cactus | 12 Jan 2022

    It does not matter if ones interaction with cacti is just recognising them as spiky plants that more than likely will hurt you with the slightest touch or one is seasoned cacti collector, you've definitely seen Echinocactus Grusonii at some point. It is not a surprise – this cactus has been known to us for over 130 years. This massive specimen was an instant attraction in cactus world. Big, spiny and not that hard to look after, it grows from 20cm to 130cm in diameter and can reach up to 1m in height.

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